Hibernate + c3p0 出现APPARENT DEADLOCK!!!错误

最近一个项目用到了SpringMVC+Hibernate,Hibernate的连接缓冲池用的是c3p0。项目快结束了,做了一个压力测试,发现c3p0报APPARENT DEADLOCK!!!错误。网上查了查,在hibernate官方网站发现如下内容:


May the StatementCache be with you.

Regarding your deadlocks, they are interesting. The tasks that are failing to terminate are not the Statement cache tasks, but Connection close() tasks. Nevertheless, past deadlocks have occurred because of Statement close was happening simultaneous to Connection close(), and I’m suspicious that we are seeing more of the same here, since you are clearly churning though a lot of PreparedStatements. (You have a zillion pending statement close tasks, and three Connection close tasks that are failing.)

0.9.0 cleared up the most obvious bad interaction between Statement and Connection close(), but it occurs to me that the strategy does not yet guarantee that a PreparedStatement and Connection close cannot occur asynchronously and near simultaneously by happenstance, especially when Statements are being close()ed quite frequently. So, my job is to tighten that up. [Even though in theory it should be foreseen and handled cleanly, many drivers don’t like Statements to be used simultaneous to Connection ops or after Connection close().]

Your job is this: 1) take moonlight’s suggestion for just long enough to persuade yourself that the statement cache is implicated in the apparent deadlock, and write back to let me know the problem goes away when statement caching is turned off; 2) try making max_statements much, much larger, or set it to 0 and set c3p0.maxStatementsPerConnection in c3p0.properties to as many distinct PreparedStatements as your application ever uses. This will both improve the performance of your application (statement caching doesn’t much help if you are always churning through the statements), and make the deadlock you are seeing, presuming it is an artifact of statement close simultaneous with connection close, much less likely. The only likely downside of a large max_statements is the potential memory footprint (see how it works for you), but there may be many upsides. Do give it a shot.

Good luck!
Steve (c3p0 guy)

最后通过在c3p0的配置文件中指明maxStatements = 0以及maxStatementsPerConnection = 0解决了APPARENT DEADLOCK!!!的错误



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