IBus终于发布1.3.8稳定版本了,在这个版本里,修复了自从Ubuntu 10.10版本发布以来存在的这个BUG(637671)——单击输入法属性页就会导致IBus关联的Python进程100%的CPU使用率,并且只能通过重启输入法解决。


  • Fix CPU 100% usage with signal.SIGCHLD
  • Destroy existing connection before creating a new connection, and only create the fake context once.
  • Move the candidate window just above the cursor when the window and a preedit string overlap.
  • Enable key snooper by default again
  • Always consume the hotkey, even if the hotkey associated engine already activated.
  • Fix race condition in bus_ibus_impl_create_engine()
  • Fix a build error of IBus-1.0.gir with gobject-introspection 0.9.6
  • Implement stress tool for ibus.
  • Fix a build error with GTK3 gdkkeysyms.h
  • Add time info in log message from satorux@chromium.org
  • Fix memory leak in ibus_input_context_process_key_event by Fujiwarat
  • Fix segv in bus_engine_proxy_process_key_event_reply_cb
  • Fix property issue.
  • Updated many translations.


sudo add-apt-repositoryppa:shawn-p-huang/ppa
sudo apt-get update




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